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Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

At the core of Brahma Kumaris work is the understanding of the connection between our consciousness, thoughts and actions, and their impact on the world.

Arkbound Foundation

The Arkbound Foundation is a publishing and media charity, dedicated to empowering people through writing. They support work that raises awareness of climate change.

RSPB Scotland

Scotland is home to unique wildlife and stunning habitats. RSPB Scotland’s mission is to protect, restore and manage nature so that we can solve the nature and climate emergency and help people to thrive.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is a diverse coalition of more than 60 civil society organisations in Scotland campaigning together on climate change.

WWF Scotland

Nature is vital. It provides our life-support system. But it’s under threat like never before. So at WWF, they’re fighting to restore thriving habitats and species.

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