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The climate and nature emergency affects us all. We deserve a voice in what happens next. Our partners are drawn from across Scotland’s civil society and, together, we’re diverse and powerful voices from Scotland.

Meet our partners
South Seeds
Meet our partners

Our shared purpose

We each have our own perspectives on what we need from our leaders. But we all agree they need to take meaningful action to protect the Scotland we love and make a better future for communities here in Scotland and around the world. And we’re bound by a belief that the voices of the people of Scotland need to be heard.

Latest partners

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Transition Edinburgh

Since 2009 we have connected and supported community groups initiating practical projects that strive for a greener, fairer, healthier and more resilient Edinburgh

Parents for Future Scotland

Parents for Future Scotland is part of a global network of parents and caring adults who are campaigning for a safe and equitable climate future – for young people and future generations everywhere. We are seeking to make climate activism the norm among parents.

Thrive Scotland

Thrive works on women’s and girls’ rights, the climate and environment, and careful language, communications and media.

Fareshare Scotland

FareShare Scotland is the country’s largest charitable redistributor of surplus food, with a vision that no good food should go to waste.

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