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Transition Edinburgh

Since 2009 we have connected and supported community groups initiating practical projects that strive for a greener, fairer, healthier and more resilient Edinburgh.

As a local community-led network we aim to:
- raise awareness of the problems of climate change and fossil fuels;
- take and support actions that cut carbon emissions and fossil fuel use;
- encourage a positive lifestyle changes – different can be better;
- cooperate with groups and individuals to enhance local communities;
- promote a Zero Carbon Edinburgh.

To join in contact us or come along to one of our events. We are a local network of the Transition Scotland Hub run by Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN) - part of the global Transition Network.

“Citizen led initiatives must be part of the solution to the climate and nature emergency”

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The Froglife Trust

Froglife is a national nature conservation organisation with a specific focus on the conservation of the UK’s native reptile and amphibian species and their habitats.

Scotland’s International Development Alliance

Scotland’s International Development Alliance is the representative membership body for the international development sector in Scotland.

Creative Carbon Scotland

Creative Carbon Scotland is a charity working with individuals, cultural organisations and non-cultural organisations working on both carbon emissions reduction and climate change adaptation to forge a sustainable, equitable, climate-adapted Scotland.

Parents for Future Scotland

Parents for Future Scotland is part of a global network of parents and caring adults who are campaigning for a safe and equitable climate future – for young people and future generations everywhere. We are seeking to make climate activism the norm among parents.

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