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Scottish Wildlife Trust

For over 50 years, the Scottish Wildlife Trust has worked with its members, partners and supporters in pursuit of its vision of healthy, resilient ecosystems across Scotland’s land and seas.

The Trust successfully champions the cause of wildlife through policy and campaigning work, demonstrates best practice through practical conservation and innovative partnerships, and inspires people to take positive action through its education and engagement activities. It also manages a network of around 120 wildlife reserves across Scotland and is a member of the UK-wide Wildlife Trusts movement.

“Climate change is one of the greatest threats to Scotland’s incredible nature. The effects are already being felt from the bottom of our seas to the top of our mountains. Warming oceans are causing the decline of species including Atlantic salmon and seabirds, rising sea levels are eroding fragile coastal habitats, woodlands and uplands are increasingly threatened by wildfires. Reducing emissions from sectors including transport and energy, while vital, will not be enough to reach net-zero. Governments need to invest in nature-based solutions across our urban, rural and marine environments. By doing so they can help address the interlinked climate and nature emergencies, and create multiple benefits for society at the same time.”

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Jubilee Scotland

Jubilee Scotland campaigns for global debt justice and a sustainable global economy.

Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust

The Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust aims to promote the sustainable management of Scotland’s inshore waters.

Creative Carbon Scotland

Creative Carbon Scotland is a charity working with individuals, cultural organisations and non-cultural organisations working on both carbon emissions reduction and climate change adaptation to forge a sustainable, equitable, climate-adapted Scotland.


CBM is working to transform the lives of people with disabilities, their families and communities in the world’s poorest places.

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