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Creative Carbon Scotland

The arts and culture shape the ways in which we live in the world and so have an essential role to play in addressing the climate crisis. Creative Carbon Scotland is a charity working with individuals, cultural organisations and non-cultural organisations working on both carbon emissions reduction and climate change adaptation to forge a sustainable, equitable, climate-adapted Scotland.

“Tackling climate change requires us to find imaginative solutions to complex problems. We want our governments to recognise the invaluable role the arts and culture sector can play in engaging and influencing people to understand the challenges and take action both individually and collectively to help curtail the climate emergency.”

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Social Enterprise Network Scotland

Social Enterprise Network Scotland (SENScot) supports the development and growth of social enterprise in Scotland

Eco-Congregation Scotland

Eco-Congregation Scotland is a movement of Scottish church congregations, of all denominations and none, committed to addressing environmental issues through their life and mission.

South Seeds

South Seeds

South Seeds seeks to enable Glasgow’s southsiders to live a more sustainable life. It is a community-led organisation based on Victoria Road in the heart of Glasgow’s southside.

38 Degrees

38 Degrees is a campaigning organisation involving 1.5 million people from every corner of the UK. We help people make their voices heard on issues they care about, so that they can make a difference in the country and in their local areas.

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