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Community Development Alliance Scotland

Community Development Alliance Scotland (CDAS) is a member organisation that brings together networks and organisations in Scotland and beyond to promote policy and practice that supports community development.

CDAS is fully committed to partnership working and embracing collaborative practice and have played an integral role shaping community development policy and practice in Scotland and beyond.

CDAS has a significant role in awareness raising, highlighting opportunities and in the planning and delivery of national and international conferences and membership engagement events.

CDAS has been described as a ‘super anchor’ organisation, born of our role in facilitating the exchange of ideas and insights between every sector that interacts with communities – environmental, culture, learning, health, housing, social care support, welfare, regeneration, equalities and many more – thereby facilitating collaboration based on a stronger understanding of the contribution each can make to community development and the communities of Scotland.

All members share the fundamental belief that understanding and working with communities is at the core of good, relevant practice, and share the core values and principles of:

  • Climate justice
  • Empowerment
  • Social justice
  • Human rights
  • Democratic participation
  • Inclusion, equality and anti-discrimination
  • Collective action
  • Working and learning together.

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Christian Aid Scotland

Christian Aid exists to create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty.

WWF Scotland

Nature is vital. It provides our life-support system. But it’s under threat like never before. So at WWF, they’re fighting to restore thriving habitats and species.

Arkbound Foundation

The Arkbound Foundation is a publishing and media charity, dedicated to empowering people through writing. They support work that raises awareness of climate change.

Keep Scotland Beautiful

We are your charity for Scotland’s environment – working with you to combat climate change, reduce litter and waste, and protect and enhance the places we love.

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