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Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

At the core of Brahma Kumaris' work is the understanding of the connection between our consciousness, thoughts and actions, and their impact on the world. It has been seen that long-lasting change in any social or environmental system starts with a profound shift in the minds and hearts of people. The current environmental crisis is therefore a clear call to transform our awareness and lifestyle.

Any shift in individual awareness is reflected in society as a whole. To bring stability, resilience and compassionate action on a global scale, we believe a widespread capacity for silent reflection and meditation is essential. Such an ‘inside-out’ approach, applied by large communities, can be the key to the paradigm shift that allows all stakeholders to make choices benefiting the planet and its future.

The Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative

This initiative encourages a greater understanding of the role of consciousness and lifestyle in environmental issues, through dialogues, partnerships, participation in UN conferences and local initiatives. In particular, we highlight the importance of:

Sustainable Lifestyle: Adopting a less materialistic lifestyle and increasing the use of clean energy saves the planet’s resources and brings greater well-being.

Diet: Vegetarian/Vegan food, cooked with love, nourishes our whole being and brings inner clarity. It contributes to the health and future of the planet by reducing our carbon footprint.

Meditation: Spending time in silent reflection or meditation helps us to connect with our deeper values and find the strength to live by them, enabling us to be more mindful of the impact of our choices.

Peaceful Living: Promoting and living by the principles of universal peace can lead to less violent conflicts and wars, thus enabling vast resources to be redirected to creating a healthy and sustainable society.

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Alyth Development Trust

Alyth Development Trust is a social enterprise working to deliver an ambitious and wide-ranging set of improvements with and for the community of Alyth, in Perthshire, Scotland.

Scotland’s International Development Alliance

Scotland’s International Development Alliance is the representative membership body for the international development sector in Scotland.

Transition Edinburgh

Since 2009 we have connected and supported community groups initiating practical projects that strive for a greener, fairer, healthier and more resilient Edinburgh

Justice and Peace Scotland

Justice & Peace Scotland is a commission of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland. We give advice in matters relating to social justice, international peace and human rights, and promote action in these areas.

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