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Let’s show our leaders just how much we care

We’re sending our leaders a message ‒ that we want strong and meaningful commitments to protect the things we love, and to make a better future for us all.

Making our voices heard

The climate and nature emergency threatens our communities, our ways of life, and our beautiful places ‒ here in Scotland and around the world. It’s happening now, and many of us are already seeing it in our day-to-day lives.

But there is hope.

Add your voice to join others who want action on climate and nature.

The Paris Agreement, signed by 196 countries in December 2015, was a step forward in humanity’s commitment to tackle climate change.

In November 2021, world leaders will gather at the UN’s climate summit, COP26, in Glasgow. It’s a real chance to create a better future for our communities here in Scotland and around the world.

We want to make sure that leaders arrive at the summit with the voices of people in Scotland ringing in their ears. They need to know just how much we care.

This is your chance to tell them to protect what matters most to you, and to make a better future for communities here in Scotland and around the world.

Add your voice

Who’s behind the campaign?

Our campaign is a partnership of a range of organisations from all sections of Scotland’s civil society.

Meet our partners
Meet our partners

Send a message to the COP26 climate summit ‒ to show leaders just how much you care.

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