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Mollie Reid

Hey, my name is Mollie, I'm 19 from Glasgow. I currently study geography, environmental geoscience and philosophy at the University of Glasgow. My future aspiration is to be a glaciologist and study the intricate processes that shaped our land.

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Why do you care about climate and nature?

I care about climate and nature because they are intricate parts of our world. They are paramount to us understanding how the living world works. I believe we should value to the highest extent and understand that without it our existence would not be. Without things like forests and rivers we wouldn’t have clean air to breathe or water sources for crops. This is why I care so passionately about our environment- it provides us with the very life that we live. I care about the climate as the changes that are happening to it not only affect me but the world on a much larger scale. I care about it for those in Bengal suffering droughts, those in Australia suffering devastating forest fires and those in Haiti suffering occurring natural disasters. This is everyone’s planet. It will continue to decline if more people do not start caring. My generation, and all those who come after me futures are on the line. We don’t have an option but to care about these matters- it is our duty if we want to stop the climate crisis. We all have a part to play.

What action are you taking for climate and nature?

Firstly, the degree I’m studying is extremely relevant and crucial to what is going on in regards to the climate crisis. My future prospect is to specialise in glaciology. I hope that by doing so I will be able to contribute to research ongoing in Antarctica and bring my fresh mind and knowledge to this fascinating field of work. 

Currently I volunteer at two local scout troops in Glasgow and use my passion for nature and climate to provide the young people with an understanding of the importance of these matters. I pass on my knowledge of the issues surrounding climate and nature and highlight the importance of young people using their voices and getting involved in anything they can to help. More recently I’ve delivered presentations surrounding COP26, its nature and its link with the scouts ‘Promise to the Planet’ campaign. This campaign was set up to help scouts work towards sustainable development goals. Both of the troops I volunteer for, alongside myself, will be litter picking, planting crops/trees, eating locally sourced produce and travelling greener in a bid to show the world that not only we care about our planet but that we are doing something about it. 

More personally I made small changes in all aspects of my life to help the environment. Throughout the past two years I’ve changed many parts of my lifestyle. I began growing fruit and vegetables in my back garden to cut out the huge air mileage that comes with transporting these goods. Alongside this I incorporated new plants and shrubbery to help increase biodiversity which was successful- I noticed an increase in bees and began to enjoy my green space more. Finally, I have an interest in the fashion industries contribution to climate change and decided to start making more sustainable choices with my clothes whether this was repurposing them, donating them, upcycling them I felt this to be a good action to take to reduce my carbon footprint.

Which of your activities related to climate and nature would you like to highlight?

I would like to highlight the importance that young people have in the fight against climate change. This is your future- don’t be silent. As much as it relies on structural change within governments, countries etc. you also play a significant part. It will be today’s youth who pave the way for a better future by working in the environmental sector, protests and lifestyle changes, everyone’s role is equally important, and vital. By encouraging and educating scouts to be more environmentally aware and to use their voice on these serious issues I hope that a progressive change can be made, and that worldwide sustainable development goals are met. The climate crisis will soon reach a point where it is irreversible but with campaigns like ‘Promise to the Planet’ it is my hope that youth voices will be boosted and uplifted to a point where they can no longer be dismissed.

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