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The climate emergency threatens our communities, the Scottish nature we know and love, and our prospects for a healthier and fairer future. It's happening now, and it's particularly affecting those around the world who have done the least to cause it.

But there is still hope, and we need your help.

In November, the eyes of the world will turn to Glasgow as world leaders gather for the COP26 UN Climate Summit. This gives us a unique opportunity to shape global action and help achieve a fair outcome for communities around the world.

Through the Climate Scotland campaign, we will send our leaders a message, and leave them in no doubt - the people of Scotland want strong and meaningful action to protect the things we love and create a better future for people everywhere.

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The climate emergency affects us all, and only by working together can we achieve positive change. If you're a not for profit, charity or third sector organisation based in Scotland, and you're interested in becoming a partner, get in touch.

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